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"This broth is better than my homemade & I am a chef."
Donnely H., USA
Animal Welfare Certified Chicken Broth
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"This vegetable both has an amazing rich taste."
Mary A., USA
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All-natural cooking
broths & paella bases

Aneto tastes like real broth because it's made the way broth is supposed to be. We start with the best fresh, bone-in proteins, local vegetables, fresh water, and sea salt. These ingredients are simmered for hours to extract rich flavor and nutrients.

We do not use preservatives to extend the shelf life nor do we use extracts, sugars, or flavor enhancers. Aneto tastes like chicken, like fish, and like vegetables, because those are what it is made with.

Sip it or cook with it; whatever the occasion, it’ll be better when you start with Aneto.

Obsessed with Fresh Ingredients and Flavor

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