Lovingly made with Fresh Tomatoes.

About Us

We named our brand Aneto after the highest peak in the Pyrenees mountains in Spain. At 12,000 feet tall, Mount Aneto's majestic beauty and purity have inspired our family since we started Aneto many years ago.

Decades ago, in a small town surrounded by mountains, we had a charcuterie shop that made artisanal cured hams. All our employees were from the community, and the shop brought work to 82 families.

One day, a crisis threatened to put the Aneto business and the employees out of work. But we weren't discouraged. Instead, we dreamed up a way to keep the Aneto business alive. We cooked up a new product: real, natural broths from scratch. The people of Aneto scaled the mountain of the crisis with our strong work ethic and a culture of commitment, passion, and humility. And we were successful.

Our broth started in just a small pot. To it, we added water and the excellent ham-bones that could not be sold from the charcuterie shop. Then, we mixed in fresh vegetables from the local Barcelona markets. When we took our first sip, we liked it so much that we launched the first and only real natural broth on the market. Then and now, we cook Aneto broths only with fresh and natural ingredients.

Today, families around the world can enjoy our broth's natural and unique flavor – as magical and pure as a mountain peak. All these years later, from a charcuterie shop to a leading brand today, we remain inspired by Mount Aneto to cook authentic, natural, and fresh broths.

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Great Taste

Taste the goodness of
pure, fresh ingredients

The deep, rich, and complex flavor of Aneto broths and broths for paella are crowd pleasers.
We pack in the freshest produce and protein and long-simmer them for a pure, clean taste. Stir an Aneto broth into your next meal, or sip and savor.
You can taste the award-winning broth difference.

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Fresh Ingredients

Obsessed with fresh ingredients and flavor

We only use what you would use at home: natural, authentic, and thoughtful ingredients. Aneto broths and broths for paella are simply made, using fresh ingredients for the best taste.

We source top-quality vegetables and protein from well-known, local, and socially responsible trusted sources and cook them with time-honored culinary expertise. Our secret is there are no secret ingredients.

Our products are free from:
Fresh Parsley SprigLovingly made with Fresh Tomatoes.

Our Process

Made the homemade way

We use local, whole, and clean ingredients for a homemade taste made the traditional way and simmer them for more than three hours in our 800-gallon kettles.

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Our Initiatives

Aneto strives to be a socially conscious brand, and we are proud of our progress.
We are a leader in sourcing, sustainability, and animal welfare.

Socially Responsible
We buy fresh vegetables from local producers and local social cooperatives. We are proud to partner with an organization called MANS that trains underserved youth to have more options in the labor market while encouraging them to return to education. Forty percent of the produce grown and tended by MANS youth participants ends up in Aneto pots.
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Sustainability Initiatives
Aneto is the most sustainably packaged broth in supermarkets. Renewable plant-based materials comprise 87% of our packaging – even the cap is from sugar cane. Our best-tasting broths reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 18% compared to our competition. And we adhere to the four basic principles of the Carbon Trust certification, ensuring we do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. 
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Animal Welfare
At Aneto, we are unique among broth and base makers for our care and commitment to animal welfare. Aneto Chicken Broth is the first-ever to receive an animal welfare certification. Learn more about Welfair™ and process. Our fish and vegetable broths are both Non-GMO Project Verified. Aneto fish broth is the only Non-GMO Project Verified in the market. 
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